The guy that turned his life around

Chance Bleu-Montgomery

After losing his sister to Cancer, Chance had a mental breakdown which led to heavy use of drugs and alcohol. His life became reckless. And before he knew it, his life had spiralled out of control and he woke up one day, sat in a prison cell, alone, and with a prison term ahead of him. Hi! My name is Chance and I’m the Founder of Trooth.

Prison was more difficult than I could have imagined, but it turned out to be a transformative journey. It provided me with the time to reflect on what got me there and how I could ensure I never went back. In prison, I finally saw that I needed help but also learnt that I had the capacity to significantly help others too. I realised I could be better than good; I could be remarkable.

I left that place a long while ago with better mental health, hope, and determination. I have continued to live my life remarkably and with my renewed purpose, in the memory of my sister. My experience inspired me to live life with purpose. I have since run rehabilitative programmes across London, raised awareness and funds for various Cancer support charities, had the honour of sitting on a panel regarding social issues at Cambridge University and have most recently Founded the community-focused health and wellbeing brand, Trooth. Through Trooth, we are connecting, nourishing and enhancing communities and also supporting those at risk. We are building a Tribe nourished by our produce with purpose. We are helping as many people as possible find pathways to remarkableness, in the same way I found mine. We absolutely love Mentoring. 

I thank these incredible  Organisations for their support & friendship, they are Ruebik, Key4Life Charity , BounceBack Charity, Project Venture Charity,   London South Bank University & Cambridge University. I thank all those who have supported me on my journey of change over the years, and for helping me to become this wonderful version of myself.

Kindest regards


Voice of a mentee